name: Frigate Notification (0.10.0) (toddrob99)
  description: |
    ## Frigate Mobile App Notification
    This blueprint will send a notification to your device when a Frigate event for the selected camera is fired. The notification will initially include the thumbnail of the detection, but include an actionable notification allowing you to view the clip and snapshot.
    With this blueprint, you may send the notification to multiple devices by leaving "Device" blank and instead use a [notification group][1].
    ### Software Version Requirements
    Minimum Home Assistant Version: 2022.2
    Minimum Frigate Version: 0.10.0 Beta 10
    Minimum Frigate Integration Version: 2.2.0
    Minimum iOS Version: 15.0
    ### Required entities:
      - Frigate Camera Name
      - Mobile App Device **or** the name of a Notification Group
    ### Optional features:
      - You can optionally send the notification as a critical alert.
      - You can choose whether or not to update the notification with new thumbnails as they become available.
      - You can limit notifications to objects entering pre-defined [zones][2] in Frigate.
      - You can specify which [zones][2] to be notified about. This must be a list (e.g.):
        - backyard
      - You can specify what type of [objects][3] to be notified about. This must be a list (e.g.):
        - person
        - car
      - You can disable notifications if a presence entity or group is "home".
      - You can configure a cooldown for the camera to reduce the number of notifications when back-to-back events occur.
      - You can silence future notifications for a defined amount of time through actionable notifications. This is helpful in situations where you know you will be triggering detections for an extended period of time. i.e. kids playing outside.
      - You can set a loitering timer to notify you of stationary objects that remain for a set period of time.
  domain: automation
      name: Frigate Camera
      description: The name of the camera as defined in your frigate configuration.
      name: Device
      description: The device must run the official Home Assistant app to receive notifications.
      default: false
          integration: mobile_app
      name: Notification Group
      description: The name of the notification group to call.
      default: ""
      name: (Optional) Base URL
      description: >
        The external url for your Home Assistant instance. This will default to a relative
        URL and will open the clips in the app instead of the browser, which does not work well on iOS.
      default: ""
      name: (Optional) Critical Notification
      description: Send as a critical notification to the mobile device.
      default: false

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